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Marshall Cavendish Maths - Activity Book 1

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Marshall Cavendish Maths - Activity Book 1
Rp 75.000


ISBN: 9789814736787
Berat: 600 gr.

Marshall Cavendish Maths is a collection of books that has been specially written to help you learn mathematics. These books will guide you through the Cambridge Primary Mathematics programme. The activities in the books have been used for a long time and work really well!

You will:

Use pictures and everyday objects to understand mathematics.
Learn to solve mathematical problems.
Discover the answers to difficult questions by completing exciting activities.
Study new topics but also explore things that you may already know in more detail.
Every level in this collection of books comes with a Pupil’s Book, an Activity Book and a Teacher’s Guide.

This Activity Book has more exercises than you can try out and they will help you remember the topics that you have learnt in the Pupil’s Book.

These books will help you have good habits in learning and become more confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged, and be really good at doing mathematics!

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