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Across the bridge of the first tank, there are some ledges that lead behind the rock wall. It has a small, red scope at the very top, along with a couple red marks. Jump on top of a small ledge with three boxes on it, destroy them, and continue straight ahead. Follow those ledges for Gold Bolt #19. This time, hop through the large space to the left and ride the current to the bottom. Ratchet & Clank Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The final optional rail has a large gate with an active forcefield, and one more button in front of it; hit the last button to progress further through the optional rail, at the end of which, the gold bolt is located. A grating in the wall on the right reveals a visible but inaccessible gold bolt through a cave. Here are all Gold Bolt map & in-game locations. Batalia Bolts. Before powering up the generators, we'll grab the gold bolt in here first. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Drop down to the water left over and dive down to find the gold bolt located in the middle of a large spinning fan. At the end of this cavern, after fighting the blarg and warbots inside, activate a tri-pad and take an elevator up to the top, where the gold bolt is located. After the initial circuit, you'll be dumped back where you started. Rather than breaking them, jump up to the ramparts, and then turn left and head across to find the gold bolt. Shell out 2,000 bolts for the Infobot, which will show a lovely helmet that allows the pilot to control a ship simply through his thoughts. Stand in the middle of the platform you stood on when you fought the boss and head to south-west, in the direction of the orange lit entrance. 1) Near the start of the level, go down to where the two big buildings face each other. It is located to the right of Grimm's garage on the path to the fairgrounds, where the Galactic Ranger tryouts were held. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Climbing up the ramp will lead you to the gold bolt. Collecting all the gold bolts will unlock the silver trophy Ultimate Explorer. The third is rewarded for completing the optional mission "Find a way to the top of the waterfall". Of course, as soon as you finish with the bolt crank, a tank gets sent out for you. At the end of the fort by the bolt crank opening the door to the exit, turn left to find a stack of crates that lead up to the ramparts on the top level. The first gold bolt is obtained in the Sandshark Valley, in the area during "Help Skidd get to his ship". When you hop on again, hold the analog stick to the left and hit X to jump as you round the first sharp curve. The first Gold Bolt can be found on top of a building with the Trespasser puzzle near the beginning section of the planet. The gold bolt is located along the route for the mission "Find the top secret Blarg research project", shortly before the blargian snagglebeast arena. Use the Devastator to shoot down five choppers. Their locations are also revealed on the map with the Map-o-Matic found in "Ride the grindrail". There's a Trespasser Puzzle terminal located there - the correct laser arrangement can be found on the above screenshot. From the ship, the first building on the left has Gold Bolt #18 on the roof. Jump on the first, then jump on the yellow ladder-like ledges to the right that lead to the top of the room. Just wall jump by the Trespasser pad to get it. Use your Stretch Jump to reach a ledge to the right, then do something about those crates and hop around until you reach a Gold Bolt. This will allow you to grab the Gold Bolt now that the forcefield has been deactivated. The area is accessed by climbing a pillar with an advertising board located just at the exit to the maze, taking the Helipack (or Thrusterpack) up to the top to land, then jumping from here to the top of the maze walls, walking along to jump down into the part with the gold bolt. The first gold bolt is located in the grav-train station. In the western side of the top, fly over to a doorway leading to a small room, hit the green button here to lower a forcefield to a tunnel halfway down the structure in the middle of the room, then fly into the tunnel to grab the gold bolt. The gold bolt is found on the platform closest to lava behind a forcefield; stand on the three tri-pad buttons to reveal the gold bolt. At the top of this wall, a bolt crank here can be turned with the Thrusterpack to lower construction materials with cranes and create a versa-target path crossed by the Swingshot to reach the island, which is populated by sandsharks. Fly over with the jetpack and a gold bolt is found here. Soon you should reach another Gold Bolt. As soon as Ratchet and Clank hop out of their ship, they'll be greeted by the Commando, who will tell them to meet him at the city gates. As soon as the rails are running parallel, hop to the left to yet another rail. The first switch will be along the first … Even when you turn them all off, there's still a small square in the corner stopping you from getting to the gold bolt. In the large room with cages lining the walls, jump up to the higher row on the level above, and the gold bolt is found in the second-last cage which leads to a small cavern containing alien swarmers and the gold bolt.

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