Project 3 – New iTools (3rd Ed)


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The Project fourth edition Workbook includes extra practice of all the language covered in the Student’s Book. Workbook activities are graded at 3 levels of difficulty, so you can decide whether you ask students to complete all the activities or just the 1 star or 2 star activities.

The Workbook also includes a Progress Check for each unit where students can complete exercises to check their understanding of the language covered in the unit and then assess themselves against the I can.. statements for the unit.

The Workbook also includes a handy grammar summary which summaries all the grammar from the level.

The Project fourth edition Workbook comes with an access card for Project Online Practice. Project Online Practice provides extra activities that students can complete as homework or extra study. For each unit it includes: 5 grammar activities with grammar pop-ups which provide extra grammar support; 5 vocabulary activities; 5 skills activities (2 listening, 1 reading, 1 communication and 1 writing activity): 5 test yourself activities.

Project Online Practice activities are automatically so students get instant positive reinforcement when they get a question correct and the opportunity to try again when they don’t. All the students marks are collected in the Online gradebook so you can easily see which students have completed the exercises, how long they spent on them and how well they did.


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